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Scarlett Rose has a story to finish, and like her name, it doesn’t entirely belong to her.

Fifteen years have passed since she ran away and built a new life in New Orleans—fifteen years without speaking to her mother, Faye Waverly, the person responsible for separating her from Julian Rose, the scarred boy whose magical eyes and mysterious rum bottles have never stopped haunting... and finding her.

Now, after nearly two decades of estrangement, Faye has called Scarlett back to the Waverly family’s sprawling Georgia estate to care for her ailing father, Roy. Leaving Louisiana means allowing her mother to interfere with her life again, which has consistently resulted in heartache. She’ll have to leave behind the sisterhood she’s formed with Pinkie Perideaux and her adoptive daughter, Genevieve, who is slowly recovering from severe amnesia.


When Scarlett settles in Georgia, she remains in touch with the women, continuing her story, including how she lost Julian Rose for what she believed was forever. As she shares her memories, she not only uncovers Genevieve Perideaux’s true identity, but in making good on a promise to Ms. Pinkie, secrets are revealed, and they connect the Vodou Seer to everyone Scarlett loves most.

As time passes, Scarlett worries that Ms. Pinkie’s third and final binding ritual—the one performed to bring Julian back to her again—has failed. But the magical woman remains hopeful, and with nothing to lose, Scarlett has no choice but to wait and see.
The second book in a two-part series, The Scars We Choose is a reflective story about how we define love, the ways in which we cope when overcoming adversity, and the consequences that can arise when we allow other people, places, and events to affect our decisions, and ultimately, our happiness.