A Special Valentine's Week Message

This week’s question:

How can you use your mood to enhance your creativity this week?

Ah, Valentine's Day. And on a Sunday this year! That means you get to start your week feeling: lovey-dovey, flirty or frisky, indifferent, discouraged or exhausted, disappointed or heartbroken, pissed the F off... Did I miss a general mood? Disgusted, maybe? We could go on for days. But instead, let’s take a look at the six cards I chose for you this week and determine which mood comes close to matching your mood on Valentine’s Day. Whatever that energy may be, you can use it toward enhancing your creativity—even your crappy, pissed off mood. I promise!

A note about this week’s deck

This week, I chose six cards from the airy and beautiful True Heart Tarot deck by Rachel True, the actress who played Rochelle on The Craft (1996). I looked at each of my chosen mood emojis and consciously selected six cards whose messages I felt could resonate with answering this week’s question.

In case you missed it: A note about my readings

This week—and every week this year—I’ve set my own goal of helping you, my fellow writer, use the Tarot for creative inspiration. After all, the cards are individual stories, full of imagery and architypes and symbolism. For writers, they can be incredibly inspiring to character and plot development, decision-making, creative forecasting, and so much more.

I’m so happy to have you participate in this new weekly Tarot blog. I do hope the messages resonate and help nurture your creativity; however, every Tarot reading that I give is intended for creative purposes only. I cannot guarantee results or outcomes; I can only present the messages and ask that you use your own gut and decide for yourself what they mean (if anything) to you.

The Reveal! What’s in the cards this week?

If you're feeling lovey-dovey today, I chose XXI The World card for you! The World is the final card in the Major Arcana, the first 22 cards of the tarot. As the Major Arcana begins at zero with The Fool, our Fool takes his/her journey through all the major life events and arrives at The World, which symbolizes completion. What does this have to do with your elated mood this week? You can use that Cloud Nine feeling to get things done this week. Complete that project you’ve been straggling on with. Harness all of the Valentine’s Day love and affection showered upon you by your significant other, family, friends, coworker, pet and use it to amplify your writing. Channel that energy and use it to finish something spectacular.

If you're feeling flirty or frisky today, I chose the IX of Cups for you this week. You’re just a ball of sexy fun this Valentine’s Day, so why not take that energy and get all dolled-up, meet your sweetheart and make some memories? Or, if the person in the card resonates with you as your sweetheart, take them out for a lovely night on the town, have an electric-good time, make those memories. And then, when you settle in at home, before you sleep off all that flirty deliciousness, make some notes. Journal about how you’re feeling. Use those notes later to inspire a character for your next romance novel, a sexy-devil antagonist for your next horror book, a poem, a steamy plot. Whatever the creative venture, harness that friskiness and carry it along with you for the rest of the week. Look back at your gilt row of memories and hang onto how you were feeling when you were feeling yourself... and/or others...

If you're feeling indifferent today, girl/guy, I feel you. Valentine’s Day can suck. It can be the worst Capitalist cash cow. And who care’s about stupid, overpriced [insert supermarket brand] flowers anyway? The chocolate’s probably gonna give her/him zits, so why should you be concerned about not getting any? Why should you feel pressured to give or feel shitty about not wanting to give? Ugh. It’s just too trivial a holiday than to allow how you’re feeling right now to sour the rest of your week. Here’s an idea: the VII of Wands. You see all of those flaming wands? Each of those represents an absurd aspect of the holiday from which you are shielding yourself. So what you’re single on Valentine’s Day? You’re good enough for anyone if you’re good enough for yourself. And you don’t need anyone else or their creepy heart-eyed teddy bears—you are whole and complete already (three snaps in a Z-formation). So this week, take those wands, take all of those flaming, ridiculous insults of energy and save them. Use them to light a fire in your current WIP or maybe even a new story. Write honestly about how you’re feeling. Who knows? Maybe even stupid, over-indulgent Valentine’s Day can inspire something raw and burning hot.

If you're feeling discouraged or exhausted today, I get it. It’s a sucky time of year to be let down and/or tired of trying. And if you’re in the Northern United States, the weather’s probably an abominable beast right now. If you’re in the South today, it’s rainy and too cold for us. So, basically, whatever the weather, when you’re feeling horrible on a Sunday Valentine’s Day, it’s easy to feel horrible for the rest of the week. Ah, but you are so much smarter and capable than that. First, if you’re exhausted, please get your rest. Ask the folks/pets you live with to just let you have one uninterrupted nap. Next, when you’re rested, showered, and you’ve had your coffee/tea/poison, be the VI of Pentacles (Discs) this week. Give back to someone in need. Depending on the social distancing measures in your community, do what you can to shape your discouragement into charity. Do something kind for someone less fortunate this week. Take an inventory of all the aspects of your life for which you are thankful and distribute that energy. Afterwards, take note of how you’re feeling. Write about it. Use what you were able to accomplish for others as inspiration for your work. This, too, shall pass. Now, go out there and make a difference for yourself and someone else.

If you're feeling disappointed or heartbroken today, I’m so very sorry. Being either of those two is the worst feeling in the entire universe, no matter the occasion. Combine them with the most romantic day of the year and you have rock bottom. But do you know what the best thing is about rock bottom? And, yes, there is actually a “best” thing... The best thing about rock bottom is that the only direction from it is up. You’ve been used, abused, shattered, and maybe even broken, but you still have all the pieces and a place from which to pick them up and start over. This week, feel every nasty, dreaded emotion. Don’t deny your tears. Save space for the hurt. Let it out through crying, sleep, and maybe a little wine. Next, when you are smackdab in the middle of the worst you’ve ever felt, your back against the floor and your sight on nothing but your memories of whatever it was that broke you, stand up. You are the King of Wands this week. You can use that heartache and pain as fuel for some of the best writing you’ve ever transferred to paper. Write it out. Write honestly about how you’re feeling. Give your heartbreak a life of its own so that it can live somewhere else than with you. Because you won’t be at rock bottom for long. You have work yet to do. You have a purpose and your writing can absolutely benefit from what you’ve gone through.

If you're feeling pissed off today, then your give-a-damn is most likely busted and you couldn’t care less about Valentine’s Day and whoever is responsible for making it so shitty. To hell with them anyway! They may have ruined what’s supposed to be one of the happiest days of the year, but you know what? They did NOT ruin you. You have everything it takes to brush off your shoulder and move on. Peace! Two fingers. (And then one.) Sure, being angry on Valentine’s Day probably makes you want to pull your hair back, take out your earrings, and grease your knuckles. Don’t. You’re better than that. You’re better and stronger than to be controlled by anger. “Well, then, Mandy, what in the hell do you think I should do? Huh?” I’m so glad you asked. Feel through the anger and take it out on the page. This week, take a risk. I’ve chosen the X Wheel of Fortune card for you. What has gone up has come tumbling down and it’s maddening. Write that. Write about how shitty this effing holiday has been. Use all of that disdain to fuel the worst possible antagonist for your next story... and then kill them off. They’ve got to go. Off with their head! Wipe your hands, and as you’re turning to walk away, whip your trench behind you and go be the most badass writer anyone ever read.

If you enjoyed this week’s creative readings, come back to Instagram every Sunday afternoon for another writing-related message to enhance your creativity! If you are curious about or need some helpful ideas around a specific situation (writing-related or not), I’m now doing custom Tarot readings. Click here to learn more!

All Tarot readings are intended for creative purposes only. We do not guarantee results or outcomes. Please read our Terms and Conditions for details.

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