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Updated: Jan 10

I originally posted this message on Instagram, the platform where my Creative Tarot journey began, so if you're an Instafriend, you might recognize the photo and words.

Coming this Sunday, January 10, 2021, I'm excited to launch my new Creative Writer Readings: Weekly Tarot Blog!

Above: My Smile Jar, pictured on my desk between my best boys.

I have a "smile jar" into which I've always tossed memorabilia: sporting event tickets, movie stubs, notes, trinkets, wristbands. You know, things to look back on and remember with a smile.

The looking back typically happened on New Year's Eve when I'd empty the jar onto the table and remember all the times spent doing fun things, the people involved, the places visited...

Last year, my smile jar only held a single memory: a note from my eldest son, Jalan, which you can find pictured below.

Above: The sweet note from my darling Jalan.

When Rocco injured himself on the first week of January last year, my focus became getting him well and managing his pain. When he passed the following month, I still hadn't put anything inside my jar. My sadness covered up all the many opportunities to remember with a smile.

Then the pandemic hit, and well, you know the rest.

Regardless of the despair throughout last year, there were plenty of moments worth a smile or two. I guess after a while I just became accustomed to walking past the jar.

This year, I'm putting my smile jar back to use. I'm filling it with 52 writing-related themes and using them as part of a new blog I'm starting this upcoming Sunday.

Even more exciting (I hope) is the fact that I'll be incorporating my weekly Tarot activities into this new blog. I want to introduce the cards as tools for creativity enhancement while still providing fun, weekly Affirmations and outlooks.

Stay tuned for a "Special Announcement" post coming this Sunday, along with the instructions for picking your card(s).

I'm hopeful for more smiles this year--a jar full of them again-- and I'm over the moon to share those smiles with you. 🙂

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