Week of February 21, 2021

This week’s question:

How might you find writing inspiration this week?

I don’t know about you, but I do some of my best writing in the wintertime. When the weather gets cold down here in the South, we pretty much slow down—and we’re already not in that big of a hurry as it stands—and focus our efforts on staying warm and commenting on how different the colder weather is compared to the heavy, suffocating summertime months. For me, the physical practice of slowing down saves energy for my brain’s cogs and pulleys to get going, spinning stories that I’ll (hopefully) publish later in the year. For many of you, this season’s winter weather has been harsh, even deadly in some areas of the world. With the temperature being too cold to breathe, and with so much strife carrying out on the TV and social media, how might you find writing inspiration this week? Let’s chat... on the porch... with a cool glass of lemonade. Just kidding. Y’all come on in and visit by the fire. I have coffee and sweets.

A note about this week’s deck

This week, I randomly selected three cards from the Tarot of the Divine, by Yoshi Yoshitani. This deck is a collection of 78 fairy tales and folklore from around the world. I just love this deck’s imagery and the stories behind each are whimsical and inspiring.

As a reminder: A note on intuition

On today’s Instagram post, I asked you to choose your card and put its number in the comments. In doing so, I hope you chose “from your gut,” which is another way of saying “intuitively.” As creative folk, it’s so important to the work we’re doing that we remain alert and accepting of those little internal nudges. Your gut will never lead you astray. When I read Tarot for my fellow creatives, I always tap into my own intuition and present the messages I’m receiving as unedited and straightforward as they unfold.

In case you missed it: A note about my readings

This week—and every week this year—I’ve set my own goal of helping you, my fellow writer, use the Tarot for creative inspiration. After all, the cards are individual stories, full of imagery and architypes and symbolism. For writers, they can be incredibly inspiring to character and plot development, decision-making, creative forecasting, and so much more.

I’m so happy to have you participate in this new weekly Tarot blog. I do hope the messages resonate and help nurture your creativity; however, every Tarot reading that I give is intended for creative purposes only. I cannot guarantee results or outcomes; I can only present the messages and ask that you use your own gut and decide for yourself what they mean (if anything) to you.

The Reveal! What’s in the cards this week?

I The Magician—This week, YOU are the Magician. You have everything it takes and everything you need to spin magical stories that become bestselling books. Your desk is your table, your alter where the magic happens, and you have all of the elements there: pens, paper, a laptop, coffee or tea, books to inspire you, and perhaps your pet (your familiar) at your feet. Even if you didn’t already see it or believe it, I believe it. I believe your inspiration this week comes from what you already have around you. This week, you are as magical as Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother. That gal was able to look around at what Cinderella had there at her family’s farm—a pumpkin, some mice, a couple of lizards, and a goose—and spin the girl’s entire future from them. Let me repeat myself just in case you missed that first sentence: This week, YOU are the Magician. Now, look around and be inspired from what you see!

VI of SwordsIf you chose this card, the way to writing inspiration for you this week is through creating a calm environment and pressing forward. Choose your battles and move on. Move on from unhealthy writing expectations—Rome wasn’t built in a day and your story isn’t going to write itself inside seven. Pace yourself, take your time and move on from those unrealistic expectations you’ve placed on yourself. Your creative mind is listening and watching. It’s daunting having to keep up with all those other writers on Instagram who are sharing their word counts and cover reveals and book releases. It’s their time to do those things. It’s your time to write. Relieve your mind of all the nonsensical pressure and find inspiration in the quiet moments you’ve set aside without your phone, without the TV, without any interruption. Choose calm and press forward.

VI of Coins (Pentacles)—Rachel Pollock, a renowned practitioner and writer of tarot, said, “Give people what they are able to receive.” For you, the writer, this means that in order to find writing inspiration this week, it’s a good idea to give back to others. Give what you can—time, money, effort, kind words of encouragement—but also don’t be afraid to accept help from those who have it to give. You are not alone in your struggles. Others need help, too. Take a look around at the stories other writers are sharing around their struggles. Sound familiar? Your inspiration this week rests in the help you are able to give and receive from others. Are you able to volunteer time? Support someone on Patreon? Do you have time to write that review for your fellow indie author’s book you read? Take the time to do something charitable and watch how good it feels. Then, take that warm feeling and watch how it inspires your words.

If you enjoyed this week’s creative readings, come back to Instagram every Sunday afternoon for another writing-related message to enhance your creativity! If you are curious about or need some helpful ideas around a specific situation (writing-related or not), I’m now doing custom Tarot readings. Click here to learn more!

All Tarot readings are intended for creative purposes only. We do not guarantee results or outcomes. Please read our Terms and Conditions for details.

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