Week of January 10, 2021

This week’s question:

What’s your best method for starting a new project or completing an existing project?

It’s a new year, so how fitting that I would draw this week’s question from the smile jar? I don’t know about you, but many writers (like myself) often set goals around starting a new project and/or completing an existing project at the beginning of a new year. And why not? It’s a new year—time for a new start or time to tie up those loose ends on last year’s lingering project and prepare to move on to the next.

A note about this week’s deck

This week, I shuffled my borderless Waite-Smith deck and pulled six cards. This deck is one of my favorites because the colors are so rich and more realistic than some other R-W-S decks in which the ink seems stark and harsh. Also, this deck contains a lot of the color haint blue, which, if you didn’t already know, is a spiritually protective color. It protects from dark haints (ghouls or spirits hellbent on trickery). When I work with the cards in this deck, I feel like my creativity is protected and championed!

A note on intuition

On today’s Instagram post, I asked you to choose your card and put its number in the comments. In doing so, I hope you chose “from your gut,” which is another way of saying “intuitively.” As creative folk, it’s so important to the work we’re doing that we remain alert and accepting of those little internal nudges. Your gut will never lead you astray. When I read Tarot for my fellow creatives, I always tap into my own intuition and present the messages I’m receiving as unedited and straightforward as they unfold.

A note about my readings

This week—and every week this year—I’ve set my own goal of helping you, my fellow writer, use the Tarot for creative inspiration. After all, the cards are individual stories, full of imagery and architypes and symbolism. For writers, they can be incredibly inspiring to character and plot development, decision-making, creative forecasting, and so much more.

I’m so happy to have you participate in this new weekly Tarot blog. I do hope the messages resonate and help nurture your creativity; however, every Tarot reading that I give is intended for creative purposes only. I cannot guarantee results or outcomes; I can only present the messages and ask that you use your own gut and decide for yourself what they mean (if anything) to you.

The Reveal! What’s in the cards this week?

1. IX of Pentacles

If you’re finishing up an existing project, things are looking pretty good! Whether your project is in the editing, design, or publishing phase, you’re on schedule and you’ve got the full support of your biggest fans. I can see you sitting around in your robe and slippers, sipping on your coffee or tea, and listening to happy music. Life is good “write” now. Raise your cup! Cheers to you! On the other hand, if you’re contemplating starting a new project, it’s probably a good idea to press PAUSE this week. There are other things in your life that are taking priority (perhaps that existing piece that you’re almost finished writing/publishing?) and your full attention shouldn’t be focused on anything new right now. Excellent work takes time and effort. Consider waiting before you start something new.

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

Nine is the number of completion. How fitting! This week, you either have a project nearing completion or you’re thinking about that new idea and pausing until the details/notes/outline is complete. The color yellow stands out in this card, a color that evokes hunger and excitement. This week, stay hungry for finishing what you’ve started. Overall, this card is lush, grounding, and optimistic. I’m optimistic that this week will reflect those exact things in your writing.

2. III of Pentacles, Reversed

Whether you are finishing up your work on an existing story or contemplating your next big idea, the work isn’t going to happen by itself and, unfortunately, you cannot depend on your usual connections to help you this week. Things are stalled in the assistance department, so you’re probably better off using your time this week on making notes, drafting an outline on your new venture, or self-editing your current WIP. Help is out there, but this week it’s just not happening for you. You’re not necessarily on your own (the writing community is full of too many resources for that) but you can definitely expect to work solo on your WIP or toward your NWIP (Next WIP).

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

Three is the number of creativity, expression, and growth; however, when a card is reversed, its energy is stalled or blocked. In your case, the growth is stalled for you this week. Not to worry, though! This is only temporary. Another aspect of this particular card’s reversal that stands out is the positioning of the people beneath the pentacle-adorned arches. The individual standing on the bench or scaffolding seems to be holding a tool and waiting for the help of the others. However, when flipped upside down, s/he is at risk of “dropping the ball.” Be careful not to overwhelm yourself this week while you wait on the assistance of others. As previously mentioned, that help seems stalled for now but you certainly don’t want to take on too much this week and make a mistake that can’t be fixed later.

3. VII of Cups

Decisions, decisions. There are so many things to do, ideas manifesting, and people pulling on you this week. If you’re starting a new writing project, pause and take a deep breath before deciding what you want to write and/or how you want to write it. Pausing and assessing all the details will and should take time. The Great Gatsby wasn’t written in a day. Your work is JUST as important. If you’re finishing up your existing WIP, however, choose wisely to whom you devote your time and energy this week. You still have creative work to do and the last thing you need right now is someone taking advantage of your kindness and/or talents and stalling you while you’re so close to the finish line. Time is precious and while your energy and creativity are hot, you can’t afford to slow down.

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

The VII of Cups card is one of the Tarot’s most robust with regard to symbols; however, no single symbol stands out more than the collective “up in the air” feeling I get when I look at this card in context with this week’s question. The figure standing before these seven chalices looks like s/he’s at an All You Can Eat buffet—there’s so much from which to choose. In this case, you are that figure, and whether you are about to write something new or you’re finishing up your existing WIP, I am encouraging you to always, always, choose with your gut. As seven is the number of struggles and challenges in the Tarot, I wouldn’t plan on this decision to be an easy one if I were you.

4. XX Judgement

This week, if you’ve been contemplating starting something new, now is the perfect time! You are being called to do something important and significant. This week, your calling might be related to a partnership of some sort—a guest appearance on a writing-related podcast, a request to write an article, a read/review swap by a fellow author, something like that. Either way, this opportunity is a big deal and the work you’ll produce is going to make many sing your praises! On the other hand, if you’re in the process of completing your existing WIP, you have some final decisions to make around either a cover design or your marketing plan. This project has consumed so much of your time and energy, and now it’s time for you to decide what to do with the last few details. You’re so close to finishing, so don’t stop or stall or make hasty decisions now. Stay focused and decide with a clear mind while listening to your gut.

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

I’m sure it’s not just me... I am almost positive that these naked white bodies are among the first images others also see when they look at this card! That said, nudity can represent vulnerability and naiveté. And as you can see, these naked folks look like they are receiving an awakening of sorts. Like they are rising to the calling of archangel Michael’s trumpet without regard for the fact that they aren’t wearing a stitch of clothing. Be careful not to get caught naked in the cold this week. Be careful making those hasty decisions this week. Remember that last line above: Stay focused and decide with a clear mind while listening to your [naked] gut.

5. XIV Temperance

If you’ve chosen this card, you are in luck this week. Whether you are finishing up your work on an existing story or excited about starting your next project (which you’ve most likely been making notes about for a while), now is a perfectly good time to work on both. This week, you’ve got the time, energy, and motivation to work on an existing project and entertain a new endeavor in tandem. A word to the wise: Stay balance and focused. Keep one foot on the ground before stepping out into that new venture. There’s a new day on the horizon and you are enlightened with new ideas. Do yourself a favor and make certain you have your footing and make sure you are pouring your efforts equally into your simultaneous endeavors.

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

This card is heavenly. It’s light and airy and has an angel with a sunrise and flowers and water. Nothing but good stuff. And as long as that angel can keep those chalices filling one another and not tip over into the pond and spill them both, s/he will remain in good shape. The same can be said for you and the projects you’re taking on this week.

6. 0 The Fool, Reversed

Whether you are finishing up your current WIP or preparing for your next work, you should consider slowing your roll this week. Take a break, even. Whatever it is you’re up to, now is not the time for you to try and manage finishing your existing project or taking on a new one. It seems as though you could use some mental rest and physical exercise this week, and you are so deserving of both. Writers are storytellers, often about superheroes, but we are not superheroes, no matter how successful we are or how well we can multitask. This week, consider unplugging from your current WIP or next story. Take a nature walk, listen to good music, binge-watch that show you’ve been told by a dozen or more friends that you should try. You can resume your WIP or start a new one next week with a clear and rested mind.

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

Like the IX of Pentacles above, yellow stands out in this card. However, when The Fool is reversed, its energy is blocked. Therefore, if yellow symbolizes hunger and appetite, then when reversed, you might push back from the table and partake at a later date. Another symbol that calls out to be noticed on this card is the little white dog. An interpretation of this dog could be that it’s your most loyal companion, your subconscious mind sending you a warning message: Don’t get too close to the edge! When the dog is reversed, however, s/he might become disloyal and/or misperceiving. Wait. Pause. Slow down. You’ve been working hard and your creativity has been on fire lately. Take care not to burn out. Stay aware of and loyal to your mental and physical needs and rest.

If you enjoyed this week’s creative readings, come back to Instagram every Sunday afternoon for another writing-related message to enhance your creativity! If you are curious about or need some helpful ideas around a specific situation (writing-related or not), I’m now doing custom Tarot readings. Click here to learn more!

All Tarot readings are intended for creative purposes only. We do not guarantee results or outcomes. Please read our Terms and Conditions for details.

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