Week of January 17, 2021

This week’s question:

How can you stay motivated to work on your WIP or next idea?

If you’re anything like me, regardless of writing goals set for 2021, it’s been hard to focus lately, especially with the activities happening in and the energy radiating from Washington, D.C. That said, I wasn’t surprised when I drew our question for this week’s reading from my smile jar. For those of you who don’t know the story behind this Weekly Tarot Blog, you can read it here.

When I read this week’s question, even before I shuffled the cards I somehow knew two things: 1) We would have lots of reversed cards this week, which I imagined would be reminders of what to stop doing in order to increase motivation; and 2) Wands. Fiery, creative energy and inspiration. And guess what? We have lots of both! I need to play the lottery.

A note about this week’s deck

This week, I shuffled my favorite go-to borderless Waite-Smith deck and pulled 12 cards, one for each sign of the zodiac. I chose a zodiac spread because, well, I imagined it would be easy enough to choose by your sign. However, if you’re feeling especially drawn to someone else’s sign, I’ve invited you to choose that one.

As I mentioned last week (for those of you who might’ve missed it), the borderless Waite-Smith deck is one of my favorites because the colors are so rich and more realistic than some other R-W-S decks in which the ink seems stark and harsh. Also, this deck contains a lot of the color haint blue, which, if you didn’t already know, is a spiritually protective color. It protects from dark haints (ghouls or spirits hellbent on trickery). When I work with the cards in this deck, I feel like my creativity is protected and championed!

A note on intuition

Many of this week’s readings include choice. Whenever you have a decision to make, especially a creative one, I always, ALWAYS, recommend choosing “from your gut.” This is another way of saying to choose “intuitively.” As creative folk, it’s so important to the work we’re doing that we remain alert and accepting of those little internal nudges. Your gut will never lead you astray. When I read Tarot for my fellow creatives, I always tap into my own intuition and present the messages I’m receiving as unedited and straightforward as they unfold. I’ve done the same for this week’s readings.

A note about my readings

This week—and every week this year—I’ve set my own goal of helping you, my fellow writer, use the Tarot for creative inspiration. After all, the cards are individual stories, full of imagery and architypes and symbolism. For writers, they can be incredibly inspiring to character and plot development, decision-making, creative forecasting, and so much more.

I’m so happy to have you participate in this new weekly Tarot blog. I do hope the messages resonate and help nurture your creativity; however, every Tarot reading that I give is intended for creative purposes only. I cannot guarantee results or outcomes; I can only present the messages and ask that you use your own gut and decide for yourself what they mean (if anything) to you.

The Reveal! What’s in the cards this week?

Capricorn—Page of Swords, Reversed

Stop worrying about, stressing over, or comparing yourself to the comments of others about their own WIP. This message reminds me of NaNoWriMo when I was struggling to make it to 2000 words a day, much less achieving the thousands of words progress my peers were sharing on Instagram. Initially, I felt compelled to compare my own pace with theirs; however, when I thought about the situation logically, there is no way to compare my work with anyone else’s because it’s just that unique. And my process is unique as well. And it should be! We should never want to be like anyone else but our true self. This is especially true for writers—when we discover our voice, it shouldn’t sound like anyone else’s work but our own. Sure, we can be inspired by others—I know I am—but our work should be unique. As such, our pace, process, and progress will also be unique to us the individual. That said, this week, try not to compare your work or your progress. And that, my friend, is how you will stay motivated.

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

There is a lot of air in the Page of Swords, which is fitting because the swords suit coincides with the air element. As such, swords represent thoughts and intellect, which, for writers, can and often do fly sky-high and flow with natural abundance. As previously mentioned, this is one of those reversed cards that, for this reading, I believe is a message around what to stop doing. Stop thinking so much and just write.

Aquarius—VIII of Pentacles

Keep chipping away at it and producing your WIP or your notes towards a new endeavor. This week, to stay motivated, it’s a good idea to track your work so that you can see your progress. Most writers do this by monitoring word count. Each time you finish writing this week, check your word count and keep a log of your progress. Then, the next day, see if you can beat that number. Carve out time to write each and every day this week. Are you a night owl whose creativity piques in the evening hours? Set aside time to write at night. Set a timer if you have to. Are you an early bird like me who wakes before the sun ready to conquer the world? Set aside time in your morning routine to write before work, and maybe even before family. But exercise first. Your writing should never come before your health. It should contribute to it.

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

As a creative person, the VIII of Pentacles is one of the best cards to receive. As you can see, the guy/gal in the illustration is producing pentacles. Once finished with one, s/he hangs them up and can see his/her progress. The pentacles represent work and home. In the case of writing, and for this week’s reading, this card relates to the work done by the writer, you. Keep at it! Even if only a few words a day, you’re making better progress than if you kept your laptop closed.

Pisces—Queen of Swords, Reversed

The Queen of Swords is one of those cards that a lot of folks don’t like. BUT I LOVE HER. She is one of my Top 10 Favorite Tarot Cards. Similarly, reversed cards are often looked at in a negative light, and many readers don’t read reversed cards at all. I do. I believe if a card pops out of the deck reversed, it’s meant to be. As such, this week’s Queen of Swords has popped out reversed. She’s clutching that sword but if she lets go, it will fall out of her grasp. The message here is simple: Let it go. Those negative thoughts, that agonizing doubt. Let it go, Elsa. Get out of your head. You are the owner of your own thoughts, so you have control of how you allow other people and/or situations to affect your motivation. And while you’re at it, quit being unkind to yourself and saying negative things about yourself. Your Higher Self is listening. This week, to stay motivated, put this card into action by taking a walk and making voice notes in your phone about your WIP or your new project. Another way of letting go of all the nonsense you’ve been hoarding in that pretty head is to engage in a freestyle writing activity. Just write. Sit down at your laptop and without thinking, just start typing. It doesn’t matter what you write, just write. The words don’t have to make sense and will most likely feel and look like gobbledygook. Don’t think. Just write. When you’re finished, take a deep breath through your nose and exhale with your mouth, replacing all of that trashed and littered air with clean, pure, creative oxygen. Now, with clear thoughts, go write.

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

Like the Page of Swords reading above, the Queen of Swords is another air card, with the swords representing thought and intellect. When this card is reversed, as previously mentioned, the Queen releases hold on her sword. She lets it go. A few other symbols that stand out in this card are the ones adorning our Queen’s throne. Look at the one at the base of her post: a butterfly. Butterflies represent metamorphosis and change; however, in the case of a reversal, this change is blocked. It’s frozen (no pun intended, Elsa) and it’s entirely the fault of your thought paralysis. Again, you’ve got to get out of your head. Try that deep breathing and do the writing activity. DM me and let me know how it works!

Aries—VI The Lovers

This reading is clear and obvious, so there’s not a lot of guesswork for you this week. Plain and simple, don’t be afraid to share what you’re working on with the people you love the most. They will not judge you. Instead, they’ll provide a safe sounding board and honest feedback that you can trust. And what they’ll have to say is probably way less harsh than you imagine it will be. You might just be surprised, in fact! Your work and ideas are just that good. Maybe try to look at yourself and your work from the same lens as your loved ones?

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

The Lovers card is one of the cards in the Major Arcana—BIG Ideas and major life lessons—and the number six represents harmony, balance, and karma. This week, your loved ones can help replenish those concepts for you, encouraging your motivation and helping you chug along at that WIP or finish populating that outline for your next bestseller. Trust your loved ones! They are your biggest fans.

Taurus—Ace of Wands

The Ace of Wands is the PERFECT card for encouraging new creative ideas and energy! This week, grab ahold of that new idea you’ve had for your current or next WIP and start making notes on it or around it. If the idea is related to your current WIP, start applying it to your story immediately. Don’t pass this one off as another one of your grandiose imaginings. What you’re onto is spectacular and will affect your story in a positive way. Take your wand and make magic happen this week!

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

Look at that thumb. Doesn’t it look like a “thumbs up?” It does to me! This week, consider the Ace of Wands as your thumbs up to move forward with what you’re writing or what you’ve been thinking about writing. The Universe has handed you one of the most invigorating and innovative cards in the deck. Put it in your pocket and whip it out during the times when you write at your best.

Gemini—V of Pentacles, Reversed

You haven’t been feeling well lately, either mentally, emotionally, or physically, and that has to come to a stop. What you need to stay motivated this week is self-care. Recovery. You need to take some time to focus on your wellness. This is the only way you’re going to maintain your pace with your current WIP or get going with that idea you’ve had for a new project. The V of Pentacles, when upright, means illness and struggle. Look at the two individuals in the card. They are both cold and one of them is on crutches. They both need help, but they’re walking right by the warmly lit sanctuary beside them. As if they don’t even see that welcoming help, they keep trudging along in the snow. When the V of Pentacles card is reversed, its energy is blocked, meaning the sickness and struggle become recovery and success. And that’s what you need, in that very order.

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

Appropriate for this time of year, the snow stands out prominently on this card. The entire area is getting covered by a steady fall. In the case of this card’s reversal, the snow symbolizes serenity and peace. Its white color represents purity and healing. How can you stay motivated to keep writing on your WIP or start your new project? Take a respite. Get warm and practice self-care. I hope your spirits are lifted and your health is back upright in no time.

Cancer—II of Cups, Reversed

There is a person you love whose energy has been taxing on you lately. It has or will affect your motivation to write this week. You most likely cannot (and don’t want to) stay away from this person—Is this a child? A partner? A colleague?—but you will have to figure out how to separate yourself from them long enough to write. How on earth do I expect you to do that, you ask? Schedule time dedicated only to your writing. You owe it to yourself. This is not selfish, and you are not neglecting that individual or your responsibilities. Rather, you are dedicating time and energy to yourself, which is a form of self-care and is absolutely necessary to keep up your creativity and motivation. As creatives, we HAVE to stay motivated. It’s the only way we finish a sentence, much less an entire book. When we don’t take time out to nurture our creativity, we can become depressed, feeling lost and even question our purpose. If you are a writer, writing has a GREAT deal to do with our purpose. Those who love you will understand this. Those who might be pulling on you, however, might not realize they are pulling and will appreciate a gentle reminder to allow you to have your time to write. You’ll be much better for it and you’ll be even happier to dedicate yourself and your energy to them once you’ve done something productive for yourself. Remember the airplane analogy? The one that reminds us to put our oxygen masks on first before trying to put the mask on the person sitting beside us? Take care of yourself FIRST so that you are able to provide the best care and attention to others. Again, self-care is not selfish. It’s necessary.

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

Speaking of self-care, the II of Cups includes the Caduceus, which is the Greek symbol used in the medical field. To me, the meaning of this symbol’s placement on this card is “take care of one another.” When reversed, the II of Cups becomes a reminder to care for oneself before attempting to care for another.

Leo—VII of Cups

You have choices...which you absolutely love having! The good news this week is you have a few choices around what you need to do (and should do) in order to stay focused on either your WIP or that new idea with which you’ve been flirting. Lay out the cards on the table (no pun intended) and decide which choice is right for you? Is it the day off from work that is due to you? Is it that quick writing retreat you’ve been planning? Is it simply withdrawing from the news and work and family in order to focus time on your creative work? Again, you have choices. Listen to what your gut is telling you that you need most and go with it. Take time out for your writing this week. Among all the other things you must choose this week, choose your writing. Make it a priority. That’s the only way you’re going to stay focused on your writing goals.

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

The VII of Cups is one of the most robust in the Tarot deck with regard to symbols. For this reading, no one symbol stands out as much as the assortment of them all. And look at how the figure is positioned on this card—his/her back is to everything else and his/her focus is on what s/he must choose. This week, you might have to turn your back on everything that is not pressing and stay focused on the choices ahead of you. One of them is writing. Remember, make it a priority. You’ll be glad you did.

Virgo—X Wheel of Fortune

You need a change. And a BIG one. Like The Lovers card (above), the Wheel of Fortune is one of the Major Arcana cards that indicate big ideas and major life lessons. Your lesson this week? To remain motivated to finish your WIP or to start that new project you’ve been thinking about for so long. And to do that, you need to change your entire situation. Your scene, your way of thinking, and maybe even invest in a new pen and notebook. Big changes for you this week will yield a grand output of the energy you need to remain motivated. Like the reading for Leo above, are you due for a day off at work? Take it and go write! The kids will be in school, the spouse will be at work, and you can just write. Maya Angelou believed in a change of scenery, and in a literal way. In order to maintain focus and write, she used to rent hotel rooms and carve out time to sit and write without being interrupted. Interruption is the obliterator or creativity. In order to remain focused this week, you’ll need to eliminate the interruption. If you can afford a getaway, both financially and timewise, why not do it? What’s holding you back?

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

The Wheel of Fortune is like the VII of Cups: full of symbols. The one that stands out to me for this reading is Anubis, the orangish figure draped across the right side of the wheel. Anubis is the Egyptian god of lost souls and the helpless. Been feeling like one or both lately? It’s because you need that aforementioned change. To stay motivated, you have to snuff out that feeling of helplessness. Eliminate the things that are interrupting and compromising your writing.

Libra— Knight of Wands

You are on fire lately! And you definitely don’t want to lose that spark. This week, take action on your creativity and allot the necessary time and energy to GSD (Get Sh!t Done). There is nothing wrong with making your writing a priority this week—and it’s fully expected by those around you. So, get your work done (at your job), log out, and let your family/roommate know that someone else is cookin’ dinner one or more nights this week because you’ll be cookin’ on that keyboard. The Knight of Wands takes creative action, so consider this card your permission slip for doing just that. Give in to your creativity and watch how motivated you’ll be!

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

The two symbols that stand out most for me on this card are the color yellow on our guy’s tunic and the lizard pattern. Yellow is the color of hunger and happiness. This week, stay hungry for your writing. Feed that spark of creative genius you’ve had smoldering in your gut lately. Similarly, the lizard symbolizes fire and heat. How perfect!

Scorpio—King of Pentacles

You are the mother flud-pucking boss. This week, you’ve got it all together, you’re grounded and focused. Keep that energy going by investing time into what you’re working on and you just might lead others to do the same. Others are looking to you for greatness—because you’re just THAT cool—so this week, to stay motivated, give them what they want. Share a snippet of your work, showcase your new cover idea or something related to your WIP or next venture, and then ask your peers for feedback. I’m betting on success and the confirmation of just how awesome you are.

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

And we have another card this week that is overflowing with symbolism. “Abundance” and “lush” are the two words that come to mind when I look at this card, and for this particular reading, I associate them with your talent and skills as a writer. Others believe in you and champion your success. Own your greatness and keep up the incredible work!

Sagittarius— Page of Wands

Take a poll and get feedback. Like the reading for Aries, you need to hear for yourself what others think and how others feel about your work in order to know that how you feel in your head—hesitant, stalled, uncertain—is what we call “your shadow” working against you. Doubt is paralyzing. It’s also a trickster and when it comes to what you’ve been working on, there is no room for doubt. It’s as productive as imposter syndrome: it will kill your joy and stall your motivation. To quash that doubt, seek input from your peers this week. Maybe conduct an Instagram poll or ask a question about your work in your stories? I’m willing to bet money you’ll be surprised by what others have to say about your creative efforts, and this will inspire you to keep going!

A few thoughts based on this card’s symbols:

The thing that stands out most on this card, for me, isn’t a symbol at all. It’s the solid, dry ground on which our page is standing. S/he has her/his footing and is “standing on solid ground.” S/he isn’t concerned about the instability of water and being washed away. Water, in this analogy, is doubt. There isn’t any in this card, and there shouldn’t any room for doubt in your life.

If you enjoyed this week’s creative readings, come back to Instagram every Sunday afternoon for another writing-related message to enhance your creativity! If you are curious about or need some helpful ideas around a specific situation (writing-related or not), I’m now doing custom Tarot readings. Click here to learn more!

All Tarot readings are intended for creative purposes only. We do not guarantee results or outcomes. Please read our Terms and Conditions for details.

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