Week of January 31, 2021

This week’s question:

How can you write more effectively?

In order to write more effectively, change must occur: a change in your way of thinking, a change in your way of behaving, a change in your way of allowing others to affect your time and your creativity. This week, our readings focus on those things that can be hindering our writing. It’s my hope that you will find encouragement and inspiration in your reading for this week. You and your readers deserve your BEST writing!

A note about this week’s decks

This week, I chose six cards from the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck, a deck featuring wisdom inspired by nature. Next, I looked at each of the six animal cards and then consciously selected six cards from my newest (and probably soon to be a favorite) deck, Rachel True’s (The Craft, 1996) True Heart Intuitive Tarot. These are cards that I intuitively felt would pair nicely and impart the best writing-related message for whoever chose its animal counterpart.

I hope y’all are enjoying these weekly readings as much as I enjoy working with the tarot to provide them. Now, let’s move onward toward a week of effective writing!

A note on intuition

On today’s Instagram post, I asked you to choose your card according to which animal spirit most resonated with you. In doing so, I hope you chose “from your gut,” which is another way of saying “intuitively.” As creative folk, it’s so important to the work we’re doing that we remain alert and accepting of those little internal nudges. Your gut will never lead you astray. When I read Tarot for my fellow creatives, I always tap into my own intuition and present the messages I’m receiving as unedited and straightforward as they unfold.

In case you missed it: A note about my readings

This week—and every week this year—I’ve set my own goal of helping you, my fellow writer, use the Tarot for creative inspiration. After all, the cards are individual stories, full of imagery and architypes and symbolism. For writers, they can be incredibly inspiring to character and plot development, decision-making, creative forecasting, and so much more.

I’m so happy to have you participate in this new weekly Tarot blog. I do hope the messages resonate and help nurture your creativity; however, every Tarot reading that I give is intended for creative purposes only. I cannot guarantee results or outcomes; I can only present the messages and ask that you use your own gut and decide for yourself what they mean (if anything) to you.

The Reveal! What’s in the cards this week?

If you connected with the Whale, your Higher Self is calling for peace and stability this week. In order to write more effectively, you have to BE more effective, physically, mentally, and emotionally. It’s difficult for creative people to maintain creativity when one or more aspects of Self is unhinged.

How might you achieve aligning your physical, mental, and emotional health? By focusing on self-care.

This week, I chose III-The Empress for you. The Empress is passionate and loving, and she imparts this love onto the people around her. This week, while you are the Empress, try saving some of that love for yourself. Take some time out to focus on you and listen to what your body is telling you it needs. Listen to your heart and what it’s telling you that your emotional self needs. Lastly, listen to your gut—your intuitive self—to understand what your mind needs. When the three align, you can show up at your writing desk a whole person, prepared to transfer the energy behind your self-care focus right onto that page.

My thoughts on how these cards connect:

The whale is majestic and beautiful, quiet and wise. Those attributes are shared by The Empress. YOU share those attributes as well, you just might have lost sight of them in the hustle to write more, better, faster, now. This week, slow down. Focus on the whole you. Your writing will be waiting and will thank you for it.

If you connected with the Mouse, are you nervous or feeling anxious about what you’re writing? Are you concerned about what people will think when they read it? Especially your loved ones? The mouse is a skittish creature, constantly moving about and focusing on every detail. It has a hard time settling, for fear of what the outside world might do to it if it does.

This week, I chose what many feel is one of the scariest cards in the tarot: XVI-The Tower. I chose this card for you not to scare you but to bring about a new way of not only looking at this card but a new way of looking at why you are placing so much value on what others think. This can cause anxiety and you can’t write your best if you’re constantly worried.

What does this scary Tower have to do with you and your anxieties? That eye is a new outlook and it’s striking down on you—at your very crown—right at the top of your mind. As a writer, this card is telling you that you need a change in the way you’re thinking. You can only achieve satisfaction with your writing if you are writing freely and unencumbered by the expectations of others. Forget about the noise. Forget about the details. Forget about the what ifs. Write what YOU want to write. Toni Morrison said, “If there is a book you want to read, but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it.”

This week, change your outlook and turn inward to write that book! Break down all of those expectations that have built up only to control you. Break free.

My thoughts on how these cards connect:

Skittish thinking will remain skittish until there’s a paradigm shift. You’ll remain that anxious mouse if you don’t change the way YOU think about what YOU want to write. Write your story. Don’t listen to the people in the cheap seats. They’ll come around or they’ll jump. And if they jump, they were part of your unsteady foundation.

If you connected with the Phoenix, in order to write more effectively, you must first rise from beneath the weight of the greatest thing holding you back: Resistance. In yesterday’s Instagram post, I talked about Resistance. It’s the most toxic force on the planet and it keeps us from doing what we desire. You can read more about Resistance in Steven Pressfield’s book The War of Art. I highly recommend it; I’ve read it three times myself.

Most of the time, what we don’t realize is that Resistance is self-inflicted. We have autonomy over what we allow to hold us back from rising to become our best Self, write our best work.

This week, I chose the VIII of Swords for you. In the True Heart Intuitive Tarot’s VIII of Swords, you can see the blindfolded figure hovering above eight swords. Look closely, however, at what’s holding her down. While she is seemingly tethered to those swords—which represent thought and intellect in the tarot—her hair is actually holding onto them. At any moment, she can wiggle a little and break free of those thoughts that are holding her down. You are this person. These thoughts are Resistance and they’re probably telling you that you suck as a writer, or you can write tomorrow and right now you should be scrolling through Instagram. Resistance is telling you to keep hitting that snooze button on your alarm and sleep more. You can write later.

Resistance is a liar and a cheat. And YOU are in complete control of whether you allow it to hinder or inspire you.

My thoughts on how these cards connect:

The phoenix rises from the ashes a new and transformed soul. Whereas it was once held down, held back, even burned, it used those opposing forces (Resistance) and reincarnated itself, breaking free. This week, step outside of yourself and analyze what Resistance looks like in your life. What’s holding you back from writing better? What can be done about it? What adjustments can be made to your schedule to allot more time for your writing? How might you rise like a phoenix and break free from the limitations of opposing thoughts?

If you connected with the Lizard, you are most likely the type of person who has a keen intuition and is highly empathic—absorbing the energy of others and your environment. The lizard is a perceptive creature, and when there are too many things happening or too many people around, they will retreat where they feel safe and protected.

This week, I chose IX-The Hermit for you. The Hermit is a careful, wise, and quiet thinker. He or she draws energy and inspiration from spending time alone and focusing on Self. This action is inspiring of others, lighting the way for those to embrace intuitive thinking, to forge one’s own path. If the lizard resonates with you, then you might benefit from retreating, unplugging from the crowd of stimuli that swarms your life, and simply taking a break this week. Like the Whale’s reading above, your writing will be there and can wait. Right now, this week, consider adapting that Hermit energy and retreating.

My thoughts on how these cards connect:

As mentioned above, the Lizard and The Hermit are likeminded creatures. They are careful thinkers with fiery creative genius. As a writer, unplugging from the everyday hubbub can be inspiring. What will you do while you unplug? Whoever “they” are, they say that if you aren’t writing, read. This week, consider stepping away from your creative work and spending some time reading. Reading can be inspiring, whether fictional stories that carry you away into other worlds or nonfiction thoughts that can serve as research for your own work.

If you connected with the Tarantula, your writing could benefit when you take time out to organize your writing space. The Tarantula represents making decisions and prioritizing what is purposeful and important. What keeps sidetracking you lately? What’s keeping you from writing your best? Two things that might immediately help you this week are past readings. See the Lizard’s reading on Resistance and also see last week’s reading on what you need in a writing workspace in order to write your best.

This week, I chose the Queen of Discs (Pentacles) for you. The Queen of Discs is all about nurturing and caring for what’s most important at home. For the writer, the love and/or support of those with whom you live is important, but so is your writing space. This week, you can elevate your writing simply by taking an inventory of your writing workspace and decluttering, getting organized. Toss out all of those To-Go cups and containers, put those pens back into their holder (which is probably a coffee mug), and take those coffee mugs to the sink. Now, what about your computer? When was the last time you wiped down your screen and dusted your keyboard? These are small details that can make a BIG difference to your health and happiness as a writer. And, for the most part, they are inexpensive things that can be done right now.

My thoughts on how these cards connect:

The Queen of Discs and the Tarantula are both careful creatures. They’re loyal and intuitive. Consider drawing upon their collective energy this week and focusing on bettering your writing workspace. This action can, in turn, help better your writing.

If you connected with the Moth, you might find yourself consistently fighting the distraction of whatever people, things, ideas serve as flames in your life. The moth is drawn to a flame but snuff it out and light another and it will flutter over to that one. Blow out that flame and turn on your porch light and it will make its way over there. This week, what are your flames? What is keeping you so distracted that you aren’t writing most effectively?

This week, I chose the VII of Cups for you. The reason I chose this card is to remind you that while writing, there are going to be 5,000 other things vying for your attention: that notification ding! on your phone, what’s going on in the news, what’s going on in another part of your house, stuff like that. If you want to write better, you are going to have to fight the urge to flutter over to the next flame that’s drawing your attention.

Distraction and interruption are killers of creativity. This week, assess all of the other choices, all of the other things you could be doing rather than writing and make a choice: continue being distracted by them and have it affect your writing or make the decision to snuff out those flames and focus on the task of writing well.

My thoughts on how these cards connect:

The individual in the VII of Cups has a difficult decision to make. There are so many options keeping him/her from doing the one thing s/he should be doing. If this person is a writer, this person should be writing. By staying distracted, this person, instead, is a moth and is behaving like s/he is not in control of his/her response to outward stimuli. This week, snuff out those flames, eliminate those choices, setting them aside for after you’ve finished writing. By choosing to write, you are already on your way to writing better.

If you enjoyed this week’s creative readings, come back to Instagram every Sunday afternoon for another writing-related message to enhance your creativity! If you are curious about or need some helpful ideas around a specific situation (writing-related or not), I’m now doing custom Tarot readings. Click here to learn more!

All Tarot readings are intended for creative purposes only. We do not guarantee results or outcomes. Please read our Terms and Conditions for details.

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