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Do you want to write a novel, but you don’t know where to start?

Do you wish you had the tools to make drafting an incredible book faster and easier?

Are you open to learning how the tarot can help you plan your book?

Would you like to finish your first draft by November 30 of this year?

If you answered “Yes,” sharpen your pencils and move the cat off your keyboard because you’re invited to a novel new camp!

(pun enthusiastically intended)


Camp Mystic Storyteller (Camp MST) is an exclusive event that provides FREE writing materials for all who pledge to back the Mystic Storyteller BackerKit campaign. Whether you are penning your first—or fifteenth—novel, Camp MST is a safe space for storytellers like you to collect everything you need to plan and finish drafting your book. We’re putting the “Camp” in Campaign!

and it's exclusively available to all backers of the Mystic Storyteller book and tarot project, launching that day on BackerKit.


FREE writing materials for all backers.

Inside Camp MST, you can download all the tools you need to plan, prep, and finish drafting your novel during National Novel Writing Month in November. All lessons and activities are pulled from or inspired by my Mystic Storyteller book and tarot!

Every Camper receives daily, weekly, and monthly activities to help nourish your creative spirit and guide you along your journey. With these tools, you can get organized in August, prepare yourself in September and October, so that you can pace yourself to cross the finish line in November.

Camp MST's FREE program materials can help you:

Elevate your writing skills

Plan and prep for National Novel Writing Month (November)*

Develop relatable characters

Build immersive worlds

Shovel compelling ideas into plot holes

Stake out a novel outline

Enjoy creative self-discovery resources to support your heart, body, mind, and spirit

Do all of this on a strategic schedule or self-paced. The choice is yours!

Community. Engage with like-minded creatives who are also using the tarot to enhance their writing skills. At Camp MST, storytellers support and champion each other. When we lift one another, we all rise!

*Camp MST is NOT affiliated with the NaNoWriMo nonprofit organization.


…and during the Mystic Storyteller BackerKit campaign I’m sharing them with you. As a Camper, you will receive EVERY SINGLE ONE of these materials…


Check out this glowing endorsement from Theresa Reed, the Tarot Lady

"As a writer, I’m always on the hunt for creative inspiration. As a tarot reader, I love looking at the cards in innovative ways. For me, writing is a spiritual practice, and tarot is a creative one - and vice versa. I channel information when I read tarot and do the same when writing. Even so, sometimes I need a little nudge.

"In Mystic Storyteller - A Writer’s Guide to Using the Tarot for Creative Inspiration, author Amanda Hughes ingeniously merges tarot and writing, guiding the reader to discover what she terms ‘the intersection of intuition and creativity.’ This meticulously researched book delves into the cards and the art of writing, offering a versatile toolkit to sharpen your writerly and tarot skills. With inspired spreads, personal anecdotes, and traditional tarot meanings, this book is adaptable to a variety of intuitive and creative processes, whether you're predicting the future or crafting your next literary masterpiece. From character and plot development to overcoming writer's block, this book is a comprehensive guide, beautifully illustrated with the Mystic Storyteller Tarot.

"This book is like an MFA with a minor in tarot, the perfect companion for writers and readers alike. A must-have addition to every writer or tarot reader's bookshelf."

Theresa Reed, the Tarot Lady,

author of The Cards You're Dealt - How To Deal When Life Gets Real: A Tarot Guidebook


Camp MST starts Tuesday, August 6, 2024 on BackerKit, and is exclusively available to all backers of the Mystic Storyteller BackerKit campaign.

Camp MST is FREE when you pledge to back the Mystic Storyteller BackerKit campaign. You can look forward to a variety of affordable pledge tiers that include goodies like the Mystic Storyteller book, tarot deck, journal, stickers, branded tote bag, and more!

No matter your pledge, EVERY Backer is invited to the exclusive Camp MST event!

If you’re not already following the Mystic Storyteller BackerKit campaign, you can do so here. Keep an eye on your email inbox for updates about the campaign launch!​

Check-in to Camp MST starts Launch Day, Tuesday, August 6, 2024. Once you've made your pledge, you can check-in to the Community tab inside the BackerKit campaign.

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