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Tarot 1-2-3: Learn to Read the Cards Intuitively in Three Easy Steps

Updated: Aug 2, 2023

New to The Intuitive Storyteller Hub!

Are you a writer who wants to use the tarot to enhance your story? Are you unsure how to get started learning the cards and what they mean?

Learning how to read your tarot cards intuitively is as easy as 1-2-3.

In this printable and fillable guided resource, Tarot 1-2-3: Learn to Read the Cards Intuitively in Three Easy Steps, you can learn just that. Decide what the cards mean to you, make notes along the way, and consider those upturned reversals.

BONUS! When you purchase Tarot 1-2-3, you will receive my Tarot Quick Reference for Storytellers, which includes images and one-word meanings for each card, upright AND reversed, curated to resonate from a writer’s perspective.

Find the Tarot 1-2-3: Learn to Read the Cards Intuitively in Three Easy Steps workbook and more writing resources at on The Intuitive Storyteller Hub, where creative writers can access tools to help hone their craft.

Prices subject to change without notice. All sales are final. No refunds. For the best results, open and use this document on your computer. Please remember to save your work!

In her more than thirty years as a storyteller and visual designer, Amanda “Mandy” Hughes has written and designed over a dozen works of literary, Southern Gothic, and women’s fiction under pen names A. Lee Hughes and Mandy Lee.

Mandy is the founder of Haint Blue Creative®, a space for readers and storytellers to explore, learn, and create. She holds a Bachelor and Master of Science in Psychology, and she has worked as an instructional designer for nearly twenty years.

When she’s not writing fiction, Mandy enjoys the movies, theater, music, traveling, nature walks, birdwatching, and binging The Office. She is a tarot enthusiast who uses the cards to enhance creativity and foster wellness. She lives in Georgia with her husband and four sons, two of whom are furrier than the others (but not by much). Visit her website at and follow her on Instagram @haintbluecreative.

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