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The tarot is a collection of stories, and Mystic Storyteller: A Writer’s Guide to Using the Tarot for Creative Inspiration was designed to teach writers how to use its stories to craft their own.

Writing is a magical venture, and the tarot is a mystical vehicle that can help guide the imagination and strengthen the craft of storytelling. Writers are creators of ideas, lives, and entire worlds, and those who intuit stories through the magic of intuition and creativity are mystic storytellers.

With the help of the tarot, mystic storytellers can develop every character who first appears as a hint, shape storylines, build worlds, and turn any idea into a bestseller-worthy page-turner. Tarot cards can also help writers unearth meaningful self-discoveries, shovel compelling ideas into plot holes, chisel away at writer’s block, and even stake out an entire novel or fiction series.


Mystic Storyteller functions as a reference manual, workbook, and storybook all-in-one. As you work with this guide, you will uncover insights, instruction, and activities designed to help you employ the tarot for:


  • Enhancing creativity.

  • Strengthening writer’s intuition.

  • Inspiring ideas and composition.

  • Improving storytelling proficiency through building confidence and encouraging authenticity of voice and style.

  • Nurturing rich character- and world-building practices.

  • Elevating plot and scene development skills.

  • Troubleshooting writer’s block.

  • Supporting self-discovery and wellness routines.

  • Mapping out a memoir.

  • and so much more.


For optimal creative inspiration while working with this book, use Mystic Storyteller Tarot, a companion tarot deck designed specifically for writers.

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