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Paige Brinkley needs a sign. Something to confirm that her life’s meant for more than just wasting it away working as a receptionist for Denver-Milton Sign Company. She wants direction, a change from the monotony of her small life in her small Georgia town.

Josh Harvard wants to give her all this and more.

Josh has been in love with Paige since he started working at Denver-Milton Sign Company five years ago, and with his witty sense of humor and compassionate nature, his personal goal is to simply make her smile.

When a mysterious painted rock shows up on Paige’s office desk one morning, it inspires Josh to take her on an adventure—a scavenger hunt. What Paige discovers along their excursion could go a long way toward helping her realize that what she’s been searching for has been waiting at the desk right across from hers the entire time.

Fans of the award-winning and beloved television series The Office will enjoy a story reminiscent of Jim and Pam’s long-awaited and championed romance, while readers less familiar with the show will enjoy a bilateral story of two sensible people navigating the hardships of love and loss while stuck in their small Southern town and surrounded by quirky personalities.

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