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Hey, y'all!

This month, you'll find a few subtle changes in my Haint Bluesletter, mainly in the formatting. Let me know what you think!


Book highlights for September include The Scars We Choose, Book One... I'm tracking to finish the first draft of Book Two by Friday, September 3! Additionally, I'm helping fellow indie author Jill Celeste to promote her newest book, Loud Woman: Goodbye Inner Good Girl! If you are or aspire to be a Loud Woman, do check out her book. It's available for pre-order now.

Lastly, happy birthday to my boys!! Jalan and Devan are both celebrating a birthday this month. Jalan turns 21 and Devan turns 19. BE STILL, MY HEART.

As always, thank you for supporting this indie writer's dreams!

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September Showcase

The Scars We Choose

Book One

Scarlett Elizabeth Nell Waverly has a story to tell and it’s as big as her name.

Like most stories, hers is divided into interwoven parts. The first part starts when she’s young and her family buys a beach house on the Florida Gulf Coast. That’s where she meets and falls in love with Julian Rose, a handsome biracial boy with a scarred face and a whacky, secret-keeping family. Just like her own.

But not quite. Young Lizzie Nell’s family disapproves of her friendship and budding romance with Julian Rose and they take drastic measures at keeping them apart.

Julian also has a story, a story as magical as his haint blue eyes, only he’s still trying to figure out where it starts and how it ends.

Not long after he turns nine and learns a little about his mother’s disappearance, Julian sets out to write her messages, stuffing them inside empty rum bottles and tossing them into the Gulf. Although he doesn’t yet know it, there is magic in his words, a magic as remarkable as his connection to the little girl down the beach.

As time moves on, and the two blossom into adolescence, Lizzie Nell can no longer live the life her family has chosen for her. She runs away—from school, from her unrelenting mother, and even from her name—setting out for New Orleans where she and Julian have planned to make a life together.

But some things have a way of finding us, like our scars, the truth, and despondent mothers.

The first book in a two-part series, The Scars We Choose is a coming-of-age story about how we define love, the ways in which we cope when overcoming adversity, and the consequences that can arise when we allow other people, places, and events to affect our decisions, and ultimately, our happiness.

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Indie Author


Loud Woman

Goodbye, Inner Good Girl!

by Jill Celeste

I am so excited to announce that my friend Jill Celeste has a new book coming out, and you can pre-order it today!


Jill wrote Loud Woman: Good-bye, Inner Good Girl!, and it’s exactly the book every woman needs to read. She teaches us how to break out of our “good girl conditioning” and embrace a life we want to lead.


If you’re tired of being quiet, or tired of putting your needs last, or tired of EVERYTHING, this is the book for you!


Jill collaborated with independent book stores around the country for her pre-orders, so not only will you be helping Jill reach her bestseller goal, you are helping a small business owner by pre-ordering Loud Woman today.

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The Scars We Choose!

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on a personal note...


Happy Birthday to my Boys!

Jalan and Devan Hughes

Jalan Shederal Hughes turns 21 on Friday, September 3! My firstborn, Jalan is an artist and writer like me. He has a heart of gold and eyes like the ocean. If you read The Scars We Choose, you'll know his eyes. I gave them to Julian. Y'all might have to check on me this weekend... his friends are taking him to Atlanta to celebrate. Oh, my nerves!


Devan Amare Shederal Hughes turns 19 on Friday, September 10! Born on my Daddy's birthday, Devan is a gift to our family. He's athletic like my husband and funny like my Daddy. In The Scars We Choose, I gave Julian Devan's wit and thirst for adventure. This house just isn't the same without these boys, who both left home in June.


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