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Tarot Archetypes for Character Development

Are you in the process of creating characters for your new novel?


Are you still deciding their position in your story and how they will interact with the rest of your character cast?


Do you want to uncover hidden aspects of your characters’ personalities that even you, the author, haven’t established yet?


Do you need a starting point for building a character profile?

Could you benefit from a system for using your tarot cards to learn more about your characters?


The Tarot Archetypes for Character Development pairs psychological theory with the tarot’s biggest personalities to help you define the character archetypes that will most effectively resonate with your story.


This fillable and/or printable workbook includes:


  • an examination of Carl Jung’s 12 archetypes and their prime motivators, which can help you decide on key aspects of your characters’ roles in your story.
  • the intersection of these 12 archetypes and the tarot’s most notable characters.
  • an expanded archetype list that includes 75 character models and another 25 opportunities for identifying your own—That’s 100 potential characters for your story.
  • an introduction to building an insightful character profile.


Prices subject to change without notice. All sales are final. No refunds. For the best results, open and use this document on your computer. Please remember to save your work!


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Tarot Archetypes for Character Development

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