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Character Profile Tool Kit

Are you in the process of creating characters for your new novel?


Can you see them in your mind’s eye and need a way to learn more about who they are and how they might function in your story?


Would you like to uncover hidden aspects of your characters’ personalities that even you, the author, haven’t established yet?


Does your character have or need a back story and you’d like a way to compile and organize your thoughts?


Could you benefit from a system for using your tarot cards to learn more about your characters?


The Character Profile Tool Kit includes a wealth of tools to help you mold your fictional characters into personalities that jump off the page and into the hearts of your readers.


This fillable and/or printable workbook includes:


  • a robust character profile template for capturing details such as physical appearance, skills and attributes, cultural and background details, moral foundation, hobbies and interests, and wildest dreams.
  • a character archetypes template, based on Carl Jung’s 12 archetypes and their prime motivators.
  • a glimpse at Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) constructs from the lens of your unique characters—Uncover personality traits that will help make your characters seem like living and breathing people… or creatures.
  • a 78-question character interview including one question for every tarot card—That’s 78 additional ways to get to know your characters!


Prices subject to change without notice. All sales are final. No refunds. For the best results, open and use this document on your computer. Please remember to save your work!


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Character Profile Tool Kit

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